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Saving/investing (₹) for child goals every month?


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Overall Score is Average

Insurance score is Good

Insurance provides financial protection and coverage against unforeseen incidents and other risks in life. How much insurance you need will depend on your circumstances. Basis assessment, it appears you have adequate insurance cover. However, you should assess your needs and family dependency on a regular basis and ensure that you have optimum insurance cover for a secured future

Children Score is Average

Have you thought enough for your child? Successful parenting starts from financial planning for your child's future needs at the right age! Child education is a costly affair and you should start saving from today. Secure your child's future and gift him/her a better life. Basis your inputs, we understand that at this point of time, you have not saved adequate for your child's future.


Retirement Score is Bad

You are lagging behind in saving for your retirement. With the increase in life expectancy and higher cost of living, you should be aware of the importance to plan for retirement. It is critical to start planning for your retirement and building your retirement fund as early as possible. By starting earlier, you'll have a longer time horizon to grow your savings before you retire.


Debit Score is Bad

Your income may not be adequate to support high debt. Debt can be a growing problem if not managed properly. Taking swift action to address the problem is the key. Debt pose high risk to your future goals as it limits your ability to save. You need to have adequate insurance so that your family does not have to bear the burden of debt in case of any unforeseen incident

Saving Score is Good

You understand the importance of saving for future. Insurance helps you to plan and save for your future goals such as children's education and marriage, retirement and others.

Has spouse but not earning.

Being the only earner for your family, it is critical for you to have adequate insurance cover and save for future goals such as child education and retirement.